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The WW Academy seeks to be a vehicle for transforming teacher education and school leader policy and practice at scale.

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Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants


In an effort to engage the larger community at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning and the MIT Teaching Systems Lab (TSL) has awarded a series …

District Partners


Most higher education institutions and teacher preparation programs have working relationships with local K–12 schools. Teacher candidates are placed in these schools, which also hire graduates and offer continuing education opportunities. The Woodrow Wilson Academy …

Simulating the Classroom with Mursion


More and more of us these days interact with AI, virtual reality, or some kind of digital simulation for even basic tasks—smartphones, responsive voicemail systems, VR games or stories from our favorite media outlets. But how …

Measuring Learning


Traditionally, at any level of education—even professional education—students prove they’ve learned the material by completing an assignment, writing a paper, or taking a test. But, when designing a teacher preparation program for today and tomorrow’s …

Challenge-based Learning


You’re a first-year teacher and have just given your first test. During your 20-minute lunch period, while inhaling a sandwich, you start going through the finished tests—only to find that your entire class has failed. Was …

WW Academy: Personalized Teacher Preparation


In today’s world, everything is personalized. With the swipe of a finger on a smartphone you can conjure up a private car, get access to a personalized investment and budgeting plan, or create your own …

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