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Year End Design Showcase

To cap their year of design work, Woodrow Wilson Academy Design Fellows and staff hosted an open house in June. During the showcase, partners and members of the public were invited to the WW Academy space to mingle, watch demonstrations, view work from the year, and take part in panels and discussions.

“As we launch the next iteration of the WW Academy program, this is an optimal time to showcase and garner feedback on the elements created and refined this year,” says WW Academy President Dr. James Tracy. “We look forward to continuing on our path to transforming teacher education when we welcome the inaugural class of Teacher Candidates in the fall.”

The work done this past year to refine the WW Academy’s master’s degree program will go into effect this fall as the inaugural class of teacher candidates officially begin the program.

“It was really fun to actually participate in some of the things that have been designed,” says Xheni Mucelli who got to try her hand at a Mursion teaching simulation. “It made me feel very excited to join the community in the fall. I am most looking forward to working with the other Teacher Candidates and to continue designing and working on challenges with them.”

The Woodrow Wilson Academy, in collaboration with MIT, is reinventing teacher education for the 21st century. Teacher candidates progress through a problem-based, individualized, adaptive curriculum by mastering core teaching competencies. WW Academy students experience the challenge-based curriculum in a blended environment, including online and face-to-face learning. Candidates are also immersed in clinical settings throughout their formal education in both Boston-area public schools and outside-of-school-time (OST) environments. Throughout their first two years of teaching they receive continued mentoring and professional development.

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