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WW Board Celebrates Progress at WW Academy

In October, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Board of Trustees held its annual retreat in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to see first-hand the progress made at the Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning over the past three years. After demos, panels, and playtests at the graduate school’s space and at partnering MIT labs, the WW Board hosted a dinner in Boston to celebrate. The event welcomed WW Academy faculty, staff, and master’s candidates, as well as partners from MIT, school districts, and local organizations. See photos from the evening in the gallery above.

Chris Gabrieli, the chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, gave an inspiring keynote about the intersection of K–12 and higher education.

“The idea that we would define competencies and free them from the context of where they’re taught, by whom they’re taught, how many credit hours they are, and assess whether you have them or not, is incredibly scary to the education system we have,” said Mr. Gabrieli in his remarks. “It represents something so different…. I commend all of you involved in [the Woodrow Wilson Academy] for trying to make it real in this particular program. I urge all of us to lean hard into it if we want to see real change in the educational systems we have.”

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