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WW Academy Shares Methods

The Woodrow Wilson Academy was created to give new teachers the tools to make a better version of school—a place where learning looks more like play, where students have their own reasons for the work they do, where the content they learn connects the excitement of math and science to what matters in the world.

The WW Academy’s staff, collaborators, and teacher candidates have had a busy year sharing the methods and ideals driving the innovative new graduate school. They’ve recently presented at and attended conferences such as SxSWEdu and the Deans for Impact “Building Blocks” workshop Senior Assessment Designer Courtney Castle will represent the WW Academy on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ new committee on innovative pre-practicum gateways to teaching. In 2019, members from the WW Academy’s team will be at the NSF-funded Simulations in Teacher Education Conference.

Earlier this fall, Rupal Jain, the WW Academy’s Director of Clinical Practice and Student Support, Peter Kirschmann, MIT collaborator and MIT Teaching Systems Lab Learning Designer, and some WW Academy teacher candidates were guest speakers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s T-550 Designing for Learning by Creating course.

In addition, WW Academy President James Tracy has been out giving talks and presenting on panels, discussing the WW Academy’s role in shaping the future of education. He recently spoke at the MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab’s Future of Work event, HUB Week, the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s TRANSFORM event, and MIT’s SOLVE conference.

Learn more about the Academy’s innovative approach through this video.

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