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Video: Week in the Life of an Academy Teacher Candidate

The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning has reimagined teacher education to better prepare educators for the classrooms of today and tomorrow. The competency-based master’s in education program is self-paced, allowing each teacher candidate to complete the curriculum—called challenges—based on what they know and how they learn. The video below shows a week in the life of a WW Academy teacher candidate.


Each week provides a range of learning opportunities to the teacher candidates. They spend time in their clinical placements, attend practicum seminars, have debrief sessions with faculty, and have access to studio time.

Studio time, held every Wednesday, is an open learning environment. Teacher candidates can work with peers on their challenges, schedule one-on-one time with faculty, attend group learning sessions on rotating topics, participate in community building activities, or work independently at the WW Academy’s space.

Each Monday, teacher candidates get to dive deeper into their content areas. The WW Academy’s faculty mentors host science and math practicums where teacher candidates get the opportunity to sharpen their subject matter knowledge through the role of teacher and learner. See more here.

A key element of the master’s program at the WW Academy is practice in real classrooms and learning environments. Teacher candidates are paired with experienced educators at local partner schools and out-of-school-time, or OST, learning spaces for the clinical requirement of the program. This provides teacher candidates a safe and supervised place to use what they learn through their challenge work. There are times blocked out each week for virtual and in-person debrief sessions with faculty. Teacher candidates can go over what happened during clinical practice, check in on challenge progress, or seek support or feedback in other areas.

By making these spaces available to teacher candidates, the WW Academy enables the learning and practice that comes with becoming a teacher to mold to the needs and competencies of the individual candidate. On completion of the program, all teacher candidates come away with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the classroom.

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