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Video: Assessment at the WW Academy

With a challenge- and competency-based curriculum, the WW Academy can’t rely on traditional assessment methods to measure the growth of its master’s candidates. Instead the Academy has created its own way of gauging candidates’ readiness.

Based on research, work with MIT, and a knowledge of what core skills a novice teacher must master to succeed, Courtney Castle is shaping the direction of measurement at the WW Academy as its Senior Assessment Designer.

In this video, Dr. Castle talks about the philosophy driving her work at the WW Academy. The WW Academy aims to prepare the very best teachers for the classrooms and learning spaces of today and tomorrow. The Academy measures how each teacher candidate masters core skills and knowledge, and candidates move through the curriculum and the program as they demonstrate what they’ve learned. Through its innovative approach, tailored to each candidate’s needs, the WW Academy is ensuring that all its graduates are well prepared for the realities they will face as teachers of record.


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