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The Clinical Experience

The best way to learn is by doing. That is why the WW Academy gets teacher candidates into the classroom right away. Paired with an experienced teacher from a collaborating school in a nearby district and with out-of-school-time (OST) partners, teacher candidates will be able to practice what they learn, get experience managing a real classroom, and work with other teachers and administrators in a supervised, safe space. By spending more time in actual student learning environments, candidates will be well prepared to design and lead their own classrooms and learning spaces after graduation.


Each week, candidates spend two days in a traditional classroom and about two hours in an OST placement. The teaching and practice candidates get during their clinical placement integrates with the learning they do through the project-based course work at the WW Academy. The course work, broken into challenges, is based on real situations and problems teacher face in the classroom.

For all its rewards, teaching is a complex and challenging career. At the Academy, teacher candidates are well supported by faculty, staff, peers, and experienced educators throughout their time in the program as well as given many opportunities to learn and practice their craft. In addition, all candidates continue to receive support through their first two years of teaching and establish a network that will sustain them throughout their teaching career.

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We’re a new kind of teacher education program, one that is tailored to your skills and knowledge, focusing on what you need to know and be able to do as a teacher in a real-world classroom. By earning your M.Ed. from the Woodrow Wilson Academy you’ll enter the teaching profession well prepared to meet the challenges of today’s classrooms—and to shape tomorrow’s classrooms, too.

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