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Student Experience: Q&A with Teacher Candidate Nick Cerini

Nick Cerini

Where are you from?
Bronx, NY

What is your favorite thing to do in Boston/Cambridge?
Get together with friends from college and church at restaurants and bars,and attend concerts.

What is your science or math background?
Mechanical engineering

Why did you choose the WW Academy?
For its affordability, length of duration, and mission of turning STEM professionals/students into teachers.

What has been the best part about your time at the WW Academy so far?
Learning from the math faculty and the individualizing learning challenge about math pedagogy.

What has been the most challenging thing and how are you working/have worked to overcome it?
The most challenging thing is implementing those pedagogical strategies with real students and seeing it fail, but wanting to try again.

What do you hope to do after you complete your M.Ed. at the WW Academy?
Teach full-time at an independent school.

Why should others consider the WW Academy program?
Because of the flexibility and ability to go at your own pace.

How is the program shaping your idea of what it means to be a good teacher?
The program has helped me to see that if the students are bored, it’s more likely that your teaching isn’t captivating, rather than that it’s your students who aren’t cooperative.

Learn more about the WW Academy admissions process here.

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