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Student Experience: Q&A with Teacher Candidate Greta Farrell

Greta Farrell

Where are you from?
Huntington, NY

What is your favorite thing to do in Boston/Cambridge?
Sail on the Charles River!

What is your science or math background?
I hold a degree in mathematical economics from MIT.

Why did you choose the WW Academy?
I was excited about studying in a competency-based teacher education program, which would allow me to work towards mastering the skills that would make me the best teacher I can be.

What has been the best part about your time at the WW Academy so far?
Both giving and receiving meaningful feedback have been extraordinarily helpful for my learning and development as an educator. Frequent feedback is a core value of the program, as it allows us to find inspiration in others’ ideas and help us all to develop high quality skills, lesson materials, and practices.

What has been the most challenging thing and how are you working/have worked to overcome it?
Being part of a new program is challenging in that there is a lot we are testing out and so we have to be adaptable in order to keep working through. By reaching out to our incredibly supportive staff, especially Rupal, Manjula, and Peter, I have been able to find the answers to my questions and get the advice I need to help inform my decisions and keep moving forward.

What do you hope to do after you complete your M.Ed. at the WW Academy?
I plan to teach math at the secondary level in public schools, though I’m still deciding between middle school and high school.

Why should others consider the WW Academy program?
If you are looking for a program where you can engage in the design process for the improvement of teaching and learning, test out your ideas and build on them with your colleagues, and reflect on your own practice as an educator, then the WW Academy could be a great fit for you.

How is the program shaping your idea of what it means to be a good teacher?
From my work at the Academy so far, I’m learning that to be a good teacher, I have to make my classroom choices with my students in mind. I have to be responsive and open-minded. And when something is not working or achieving its intended goal, then I have to recognize that, find the resources I need, and try something new.

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