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WW Academy Founding President in The Evolllution

In a recent Q&A, WW Academy founding president and Trustee and Woodrow Wilson Foundation President Arthur Levine discusses the changing role of continuing education in the higher education landscape. The interview by The Evolllution, an online newspaper publishing articles and interviews by leading thinkers in higher education, points to the way postsecondary education must adapt for a global, digital, information economy:

[The new economy is] going to radically change the nature of higher education: It means that we are going to focus increasingly on learning rather than teaching. We’re going to move towards an outcomes-focused, learning-based curriculum, rather than a system that bases itself on credits accumulated or time spent in the classroom.

The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning’s model for teacher education is built on meeting the needs of the nation’s changing economy. Master’s candidates progress through the program is based on how well they learn and demonstrate a specific set of skills and knowledge they need to be a successful teacher. Instead of courses and credit hours, candidates at the WW Academy learn through rich and immersive challenge scenarios that are based on real-world issues educators face. Read the full Q&A here.

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