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WW Academy Design Fellows Take a “Week of Play”

The Woodrow Wilson Academy Design Fellows—ten collaborative, creative, entrepreneurial future educators who are helping to refine the WW Academy’s program and curriculum—engaged in a “week of play” during the design year, where they explored how to use the principals of play in their curriculum design. Design Fellow Alex Trunnell says of the experience:

At the Woodrow Wilson Academy, we’re always looking for ways to bring life and new ideas into our practice, and to model the kind of classrooms we want to have at the Academy—we want to walk the talk, if you will.

The Week of Play was a way to do that; playing is such an engaging and exciting experience, and these are two of the top qualities we want in our design for the WW Academy. So, we set out to find some playful design in our community: how are people using play to engage others? What kind of things do we find playful? What about these things makes them so exciting?

From the Museum of Science to Boston Common to the Esplanade Playground, it turns out that play is everywhere and always amazing!

The photo gallery above includes photos taken by Design Fellows while looking for playful inspiration around Boston.

The Woodrow Wilson Academy is drawing on the real world—its challenges, questions, and inspirations—to inform its program. By creating a dynamic course of study, rooted in the actual problems teachers face, the WW Academy is preparing the next generation of educators to excel in the classrooms of today and tomorrow.

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