Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning



The WW Academy is reinventing American teacher preparation for the 21st century.

Faculty to student ratio


Faculty mentors and ongoing mentorship

The resident experts and teachers at the WW Academy are called faculty mentors. Rather than deliver lectures and hold office hours, faculty mentors guide your path through the Academy. From pre-assessing your competencies to supervising your clinical work to explaining concepts and helping with practice, faculty mentors are an in-person resource for all Academy candidates. Candidates will also be offered two years of mentoring after graduation for additional support.

Challenge-based curriculum

The curriculum at the WW Academy is presented through challenges. Working through the challenges—each one representing a mix of the Academy’s teacher competencies—teacher candidates will learn by engaging with rich, complex, real-world scenarios that they will face in the classroom. Master’s candidates progress through the program as they prove mastery of the competencies presented in the challenges.


The WW Academy’s collaboration with MIT and its Cambridge location make the Academy a true intellectual destination for those who want to think differently about education and future of teaching. Master’s candidates at the WW Academy will have access to the physical space at 24 Thorndike Street as a place to practice, work, and learn. Combined with online resources, candidates can create a learning plan and environment that works best for them.

Inaugural class

The WW Academy will welcome its very first class of master’s candidates in fall 2018. The inaugural class will be made up of some of the best and brightest minds who are seeking a different approach in preparing to become science or math educators. The program is currently being tested and refined by a group of collaborative, creative, entrepreneurial future STEM educators called Design Fellows.

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