Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning



The WW Academy seeks to be a vehicle for transforming teacher education and school leader policy and practice at scale.

This is What Learning Should Look Like


The WW Academy’s master’s in education throws out some industrial-era elements of traditional higher education.

Rather than sitting through predetermined set of courses, candidates establish their learning plan based on their prior experiences, moving through the curriculum in an order and at a pace that reflects what they know and what they learn. They’re supported throughout their time in the program by the Academy’s Faculty Mentors, and gain insight into the real workings of the classroom through placement with an area teacher.

Candidates will simultaneously learn through and prove mastery in the WW Academy’s curriculum sets—called challenges—as well as through virtual reality simulations. Candidates graduate once they prove they’ve mastered the skills and knowledge required of 21st-century educators, not when they’ve amassed a certain number of credit hours. After they enter classrooms as teachers of record, WW Academy graduates will receive two years of mentoring to help support a long and successful career.

The WW Academy model is designed to shape the teachers and students of tomorrow. The program is open to prospective STEM teachers who already hold baccalaureate degrees in math, science, and related fields, from recent grads to second-career candidates. Earn your master’s in Education. Apply today.

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