Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning

How To Apply



The WW Academy is reinventing American teacher preparation for the 21st century.

Become a Teaching/Learning Design Fellow

Change teaching. Change learning. The Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning is a new teacher preparation program, redefining the way teachers are prepared. Do you want to play a pivotal role in launching the WW Academy? Do you dream of being a teacher? Apply to be a part of the inaugural group of Design Fellows.

The WW Academy needs collaborative, creative entrepreneurs with strong STEM content knowledge who are deeply committed not just to innovation, but also to classroom teaching. Beginning in summer 2017, a small group of Design Fellows will help build and beta-test the Academy as they work toward an initial teaching license in middle or high school STEM fields. Collaborating closely with the faculty and staff of the WW Academy, Design Fellows will help create and test assessments and refine the Academy’s program. At the same time, they will work towards fulfilling the requirements for initial licensure in Massachusetts.

Design Fellows are awarded a stipend to support their work as they progress toward teaching licensure.

The application period for Design Fellows is now closed. If you’d like more information about Design Fellows or the program at the WW Academy, please email [email protected].